MEMS-Optics Company STO/ICO KaraSpace Token Sale

— Type: Combined Security Token Sale with Crypto-Currency Sale
— Series: A
— Starting: estimated Q3 2020
— Organizer: KaraSpace Association, Switzerland
— Company of profit share: KaraSpace (MEMS Optics) GmbH, Germany
— Company activity: Development of MEMS Chips in Itzehoe
— Allowed investor locations:  Switzerland


Combined Initial Security Token Offer of the KaraSpace MEMS Optics GmbH with  KaraSpace Association Crypto-Currency offer and corresponding KaraSpace Land Use Rights Auction.

Early investment in the mainstream Augmented Reality Glasses Industry and its Intellectual Property.

design study of KaraSpecs

KaraSpace is the monetized virtual 3D-World mixed into reality. Mainstream is enabled by the KaraSpace integral fiber optical design for the frameless KaraSpecs AR-glasses with full resolution and field of view. The value is enabled through a reflective open source system, providing absolute trust and value to the virtual world objects on top of reality.

The internet century is still in its infancy and new megatrends may very well swipe old concepts away. Invest in KaraSpace early, and pioneer the shaping of absolute disruptive mainstream AR, paired with blockchain and AI. Profit from extraordinary KaraSpace tokens, that are offered here in packag, with security tokens of a particular AR-Industry company combine with the KaraSpace CryptoCurrency Token that enables you to buy and speculate on virtual land of the KaraSpace virtual country. The land will gradually be put on auction for the Citizen of KaraSpace (the currency holder) to buy for future use, rent or sale. It is like the world wide known Monopoly game.

Token Economics
The different tokens in KaraSpace have the same functions and behavior like the counterparts in real countries. This makes the it easy to understand the different KaraSpace Tokens and their relation to each other.

The KaraSpace Crypto-Currency
The crypto currency in KaraSpace is not the object of speculation.  The currency is only a vehicle to exchange goods and transport value. As such it is more like a stable coin in the crypto space.

  • There will be different KaraSpace crypto-currencies for countries with restricted foreign exchange policy like China or India. We must respect this policies but still have to integrate this countries into the global village of KaraSpace as good as possible.
  • The KaraSpace Crypto-Currency represents the proof of effort brought into the KaraSpace project and is evaluated by the financial department to a real market price. This can be working time, physical assets, intellectual property, capital or company shares.
  • The investment of capital into an AR-Company in the KaraSpace Consortium, that face a substantial risk of failing for so manny kind of reasons and which has a long way to go for profitability, has the right to obtain the same amount in KaraSpace crypto currency. In case of success, the investor has double profit.
  • The KaraSpace crypto currency can be used to buy virtual asset in the KaraSpace that are in analogy to the real world more suitable for long time value storage, earns through rentals and gains through speculation, or simply for the own use.
  • The KaraSpace crypto currency has alway a small risk of loosing some value in the cace, that the tokens need to be transferred to a newer underlying blockchain infrastructure. The time of such an event is unknown.

The KaraSpace Virtual Land
The virtual Land of KaraSpace can also be described as virtual space use right, as it is not real land. The future use of the area is als always under the restrictions of the future local rules and regulations and the terms and conditions of the KaraSpace Organisation which can not be foreseen now as they develop in a direct democratic process.
Still the land will be of central importance for all KaraSpace users as it necessary to own the space of your private rooms to use them for normal life. Also the outer public space can be owned and used for example for advertisements.

  • The land use will be structured in different layers for different use. Some layers are more expansive then others and the most important layer is the top layer seen by all users by default.
  • The KaraSpace crypto currencies are backed by the KaraSpace land. This means you always need this currency to buy land or other assets in KaraSpace.
  • The land will gradually be put on auction for the Citizen of KaraSpace (the currency holder) to buy it for future use, for sale or rent.
  • To react on attractive auctions, you need to hold enough currency. To buy the currency quickly to bit on the auction will not work.
  • There is also virtual land, that is not linked to the reality and which can be accessed by a portal.
  • It is like the world wide known Monopoly game


classical Monopoly game

The Monopoly game with crypto currency and virtual land
The fun part of the KaraSpae crypto economics is the speculation with land and the possibility to increase the value by making it more attractive with extra assets placed on it. This is like the famous Monopoly game. But the fun will soon become reality and hard business as the AR-glasses become more and more mainstream.

  • The land can also be rented out or subdivided in layers
  • The land can be enhanced by many different means like the placement of portals or assets.


The  profit shares on the KaraSpace MEMS Optics GmbH in Itzehoe
This token sale offers security tokens bound to the KaraSpace MEMS Optics GmbH in Itzehoe, Germany.
The  company is key to the development of the integral fiber optical design. It will develop the MEMS Micro mechanical systems together with the ISIT Fraunhofer Institute and file the respective patents.

  • The company is full member of the KaraSpace AR-Consortium
  • The majority of the company is owned by the original founder of KaraSpace.


Slices not in scale with the offer

We offer the following tokens in a package

We deliver that the best value for the customer is, to obtain a package of both, security tokens and crypto currency for the speculation on land.
So for each security token of the above mentioned AR-Company, we provide currency tokens in a ratio of 1:1.





Company location

Locations jurisdictions

Because the security token sale must obey the regulations of the respective countries for which the sale is prepared for, it is only possible to buy them, for citizens of this countries. For this Token sale it is:

Switzerland and Germany.




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If you have any questions please contact our sales team by e-mail:

or contact Mr. Konstantin Roggatz at +49 4892 8904640 directly.


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