January 24, 2019

Community Project

KaraSpace is a large scale Community Project that ensures humanity to thrive, by the new AR AI and BlockChain technology.

KaraSpace exclusively owns the key optical technology for a fast realization of uncompromising main stream Augmented Reality Glasses, replacing the Smartphones. But more important, it has the know how to ensure the necessary ethics for AR to actually become main stream.

Technology by its nature, don’t want to do good or bad. It is People who shape it. Technology leaders must ask them self: “In what world do you want to live in” as Tim Cook , the CEO of Apple puts it in front of the EU Parliament.

At KaraSpace, we establish a set of ethics, that our technology and organization is designed to guarantee to the users of our AR Glasses:

– It ensure absolute privacy for the user

– It absolutely prevents direct manipulation of the user by external interests

– It restricts advertisements to the minimum, necessary for the user

– It ensures democratic administration of the created virtual world on top of reality

– It enables decentralized and parallel ownership of the platform by individuals, companies and political systems

– It promotes BlockChain decentralization of organizations to ease social injustice

– It promotes comprehensive open source code for users to understand key functions.

The benefits of main Stream AR are enormous, like:

– irresistible new 3D immersive user interface

– disruption of the Smartphone market

– disruption of the communication market

– disruption of the media landscape

– new creation of digital assets in the form virtual land use and virtual objects, being made scarce recourses by BlockChain technology similar like Bitcoin.

– eases the need for world wide commuting to the working place via virtual teleportation

– catalyst for BlockChain distributed apps and tokenisation

KaraSpace brings the most powerful innovations together to create extreme synergy for the next generation of mobile computing to become realized very soon.

– Advanced Integral Fiber Optical system for creating frameless spectacles with highest resolution and complete field of view.

– Object recognition with AI deep learning algorithms for the AR Glass user interface to behave intelligently and provide the right apps.

– 5G and holographic local wireless network for high speed data transfer and wireless power transmission with jet small radiation levels.

– Advanced open source Operating System secured on the BlockChain, to guarantee privacy and non-manipulation.

– Highly comprehensive open source software development system, to give the control back to the people and there programming communities.

– Tokenization of all virtual assets in the virtual world secured on the BlockChain, to give the virtual objects real object properties and value.

– Massive BlockChain Transactions fir billions of tokenized assets through higher abstraction BlockChain construction on top of root smart contract BlockChains.

– Alternative Financing through Initial Coin offers and the sales of project related virtual assets, for independent financing, without the need to generate gigantic profits through advertisement.

But the KaraSpace Project is much to big for a single company to handle, even if it is a giant company like Google, as we can see from the poor AR approach from Magic Leap. This is why we have created the so called Thrive Torrent Strategy of collaborative Finance, Development and Project Management. It joins the forces of the people and the industry to handle this extraordinary Idea in a distributed and fault tolerant manner. To save and focus recourses, the collaborating companies and individuals are synchronized by the central collaborative Project management root. They must sign the Affiliation Contract which regulates the enforcement of the ethical rules and values, the handling of the generated intellectual property, the profit share, the roll within the Network and many other aspects.  Also if an affiliated company fails for any reason, the generated work and experience are set to open source, for others to continue or learn from the mistakes.

Whit AR AI 5G and BlockChain technology joined together, KaraSpace is the long awaited BlockChain power application that will generate a whole new software revolution.