At the Forefront of the Great Reset

“At the World Economic Forum (WEF), global policymakers are advocating for a “Great Reset” with the intent of creating a global technocracy. It is not by coincidence that on October 18, 2019, in New York City the WEF participated in “Event 201” at the “high-level” pandemic exercise organized by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security.

This coming technocracy involves close cooperation between the heads of the digital industry and of governments. With programs such as guaranteed minimum income and healthcare for all, the new kind of governance combines strict societal control with the promise of comprehensive social justice.”

This are the first paragraphs of an aticle from the MisesInstitute to analyse the “Great Reset” initiative from the WEF, not without criticisem. Read or listen the full article here…
While the world is devided between advocates and opponents of the New World Order, KaraSpace is nither of them, or bothe if you want, as it tries to orgenize the new technocratic powers to the best possible outcome for the humans. The optical Augmented Reality glasses technology that it has invented and patented, unleaches the absolute power of  technocracy with unlimited liquidity, data and controll on humans. But with this power at hand, KaraSpace has the obligation to turn the horrible potential into good for humanity, and it did, by fusin AR it with Blockchain and Open Source Technology for absolute trust.

Policy makers and stakeholders within the WEF network and around the world need to understand, how
KaraSpace is the key to the “check and balances” in the relation and power-play between the big internet corporations like Google and Facebook, the People and the local Governments.

Installing checks and balances only make sense, if the parties are financed independently. It wouldn’t make sense if KaraSpace would be dependent on Google or Microsoft. Thats why Karaspace is given a business model independend from big date and closed system software. Its wealth results in the unprecedented creation of assets from a virtual world connected to the real world through the AR Glasses.

Further more, KaraSpace is a non profit NGO that can offer the goods and services to an unbeatable low price. It lives up to the demand of the New World Order for a stakeholder economy instead of serving insatiable and ethically acquitted shareholders.

The covid-19 economic situation further demands, as Kristalina Georgieva from the IMF emphesizes,  to direct the business and profits of the 4th Industrial Revolution to small entepereneurs and people in need instead of mega corporations and stockholders.

KaraSpace is at the forefront of the major changes in the Great Reset:
It fosters more social justice and distribution of wealth through the Blockchain business models.
The dekarbonisation is acheved through massive tele commuting to the workspaces using main stream virtual reality.

The social contracts that Klaus Schwab is talking about, are very discreet in our technology eco system, being agreements on privacy and date negotiated between the comon peaople on the one hand, and the corporations and governments on the other hand. The resulting policies are implemented in algorithms similar like Ethereum smart contracts in open source for everyone to personally veryfiy that they are precisely followed. This is the basis of the future virtual reality souranded by everybody through AR Glasses.

So we submit our share to the global change towards forward oriented solutions for the Great Reset.

Open Twin Event
The World Economic Forum is staging the historic event named “The Great Reset“ in in Davos and 400 cities around the world, as an event open to everybody in January 2021.
To set the emphasis and direction of the discussion, a big wheel of subjects and their interconnection is prepared on there site .
Everybody can register, read and wach a wealth of article or videos on the subjects and is then ultimately asked to submit their ideas to solve the problems.
It is a paradox that on the one hand, companies that are dealing with Blockchain, Open Source and Token economics are being drained from cash and prevented from raising money by the current system. On the other hand the World Economic Forum of Davos is calling for ideas of social technology, that can counteract against the big internet giants that bring the balance of power out of balance through their big date exploration.
No one less than the International Monetary Fund and the Worldbank are speaking out their financial assistance to reestablish the balance of powers in the new world order between local Governances, international Corporations and the People.
KaraSpace is exactly this.
KaraSpace solutions are addressing the core problems presented, with some directly mentioned by the IMF to be of highest importance to finance. The circle below is showing this KaraSpace subjects:

KaraSpace addressed Subjects

It integrates subjects around the sphere of:
-Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution  and in particular
    -Digital Economy and New Value Creation
    -Future of Computing
    -Future of Media, Entertainment and Culture
    -Artificial Intelligence
    -Internet Fovernance
But also crossing over to subjects like:
-Financial and Monetary Systems
-Corporate Governance
-3D Printing
-Advanced Manufacturing and Production
-International Security
-Workforce and Employment
-Development Finance
By integrating all this subjects with mainstream Augmented Reality Glasses Technology, KaraSpace forms a social body that is capable to function as a balancing power against the Data Industrial Complex with Google and Facebook at the forefront.  Like labor unions are a necessary balance of power in modern capitalism, this Karaspace social body is the missing power for a balanced society in the new technocratic world order. It is an integral social part of the 4th industrial revolution.

Same Mindset as WEF?

The KaraSpace eco system with its ethics has developed independently from the World Economic Forum comunity. It was actually opposing many of the old common business paradigms. As the World Economic Forum is now promoting a new mind set towards capitalism and world economis, we analyze in the following paragraphs how this change of mind fits exactly into the Karaspace mindset.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF proclames the great reset as follows:

Klaus Schwab on The Great Reset

Instead of contiuing the old ways he sais. “We can create a new social contract.” among other goals he listed: “We can make shur that the technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution are best utelized, to provide us with better lives.”
“We need all the forces, we need everybody on board to participate and make innovative proposals how to improve livelihood.”
“Not just Patchwork on the old policiess.”
“Keep in mind the long term perspecive.”
“ESG Environmental Socia and good governance criteria for companies.”
“Not fall back to old recepies but look forward.”
“Continuing the old way is a betrayal of the next generation …”

At KaraSpace we build the next generation computing platform,  which is a very long term commitment that does not fit into the present short term business planning mindset. We look fare into the future to enforce exactly this ESG ethics into the future AR computer industry. The WEF Great Reset initiative helps a lot now, to enforce our arguments when talking to employees and investors that are mostly dominated by the quick money, unethical mind patterns of the past.


Kristalline Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said with respect to the opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies:

Kristalina Georgieva for the launch event of Great Reset

“We know the digital economy is the big winner of this crisis. But if we allow it to drive further division in our world, in other words countries and communities to fall further behind, then it is going to bring more pain then gain for the future. So it is critical, we at the Fund work with others to use investment that are going to be supported by the mine, the world bank and others, to shrink the digital devide.
And also we need to think of how we are going to use the benefits of rapid growth in digital wher profitability is jumping up, to build more of a sharing of this benefits across our societies. A that speaks to my third and most important point of a fairere world. We know that this pandemic is, if left on its own devices, is going to deepen inequality. This has happened in prior cases of pandamic. But if we here to concentrate on investing in people, in the social fabric of our societies, in access to opportunities, to education, to all in the expansion of social programs, so we take care of the most vulnerable people, then we can have a world that is a better world for all.”

At KaraSpace we…

Ajay Banga, CEO of Mastercard contributes very nicely:
The problem can be reduced to three sides of a prism: one against many, many against nature and short sited planing.
He calims: ” There is not enough money from the Government or Philantrpphy to deal with the challenges. We need private sector capital, private sector ingenuity and private sector technology.”
“We need enormous trust between the private and the public sector which is hard to come by”. “The time for cyncicism is behind us. Come to the table and make a difference”.

Brad Smith, is Chief Legal Officer and President of Microsoft. He fought many years against stataes and competitors of Microsoft but is promoted heavily in public as a advocate for user privacy and security. This is no surprise, as the company must conceal the cardinal sins upon society that brought the company to this insane riches.

Brad Smith from Microsoft on the Great Reset launch

He contributed in the video:
“We need to sustain peoples trust. That means protect their privacy and security. That means ensuring that these new technologies like Artificial intelligence are deployed responsibly around the world.”
“On the other hand he emphasizes, that data and technology more broadly are indispensable tools to solve almost any of the problems we confront.”

For KaraSpace …



The WEF has prepared strategic papers on the problems:

Redesigning Data Privacy:
Reimaging Notice & Consent for human technology interaction.

The report sais:
The concept of consent, and the mechanisms for asking for it, implicate questions of ethics and normative values that the existing framework neglects. Consent that is not freely given or informed, or that is coerced, is de facto defective. A consent process must offer substantive choices to the consenting party, including the ability to withdraw consent after the fact. “Take-it-or-leave-it” models do not offer meaningful consent.

For KaraSpace …




Digital Transformation:
Powering the Great Reset.

The report concludes:
For Accelerating digital transformation
The Forum is shaping a multi-year, cross-industry programme to use the current “dislocative shock” to economies and businesses to accelerate digital transformations that support the Great Reset. Key levers for change:
1. Shape a new narrative on the role of digital transformation in business and society
2. Co-create frameworks and guides to support new business approaches and actions
3. Facilitate initiatives, projects and collaborations between business, industry and society
4. Showcase “lighthouse” examples of digital-enabled and sustainable business models

For KaraSpace …


Central Bank Digital Currency Policy-Maker Toolkit:

In the report it says:
What risks do stablecoins or foreign CBDC impose on an economy?
Some policy‑makers have expressed concern that stablecoins, once launched, could displace usage of the domestic currency in an economy and create significant risks to financial stability or monetary policy. It may transpire that in economies with unstable currencies and low central‑bank credibility, users may substitute their currency for a low‑volatility stablecoin. This risk is similar to the issue of currency substitution (e.g. substitution out of the domestic currency for US dollars or other reserve currencies) often faced by unstable economies during periods of financial or economic stress. The same questions could apply to concerns over substitution for foreign‑country CBDC as well.

So for the KaraSpace stablecoin …



The Great Reset requires digital trust:

Societies and economies will emerge from the current crisis having been reshaped, likely significantly. We have the opportunity to use this time to intentionally transform them to be stronger, more resilient and more equitable. But in order to reset to a more secure, more equal, and more stable world, we need to put digital trust front and centre. That means, whether we’re creating new technologies, or applying old ones to new problems, we need to put security, responsibility, accountability and ethical concerns at the forefront of our design.

The Great Reset will require new institutions and business models, and new digital technologies to build them. For all those working to design this future, let’s start by building digital trust.


We need an ‘operating system’ for the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

Society’s operating system needs an upgrade. The model we have been using is simply not up to the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. …

This is all part of efforts to ensure this new phase of civilization is human-centric, benefitting not just the privileged few and driven not by the imperatives of technological development, but serving all of society. We must ensure that algorithms driven by vast data harvesting are trustworthy; that artificial intelligence and machine learning are as ethical as they are intelligent; and that data ownership is clear. These questions and many more are coming at us faster than we can formulate answers.


It is amaizin how KaraSpace is in tune with all the top people and the strategic papers.

Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution  and in particular
    Digital Economy and New Value Creation
    Future of Computing
    Future of Media, Entertainment and Culture
    Artificial Intelligence
    Internet Fovernance
Financial and Monetary Systems
Corporate Governance
3D Printing
Advanced Manufacturing and Production
International Security
Workforce and Employment
Development Finance



The measures must be supported by govornments corporations and the public.
Also all global stake holders into the discussion.

Unsolicited proposals (UPs) are a type of procurement process where a party (generally in the private sector) takes the initiative to prepare a project proposal for the government instead of submitting to an existing competitive bidding process.

The Great Rest needs great leaders to save and protect the most voulnurable.
But the most Voulnuarble are the people them self, being raped by the new Techocracy using total survailance and Artificial intelligence. We need big leaders to build a ballance of power for the people to negotiate the terms of exploration.




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