ISIT Fraunhofer Institute – MEMS Opics R&D Expert

— Name: ISIT Fraunhofer Institut
— Type: Research and Development in MEMS and Microoptical Systems
— Location:
 Itzehoe, Germany
— Website: https;//
— Cooperation:
 Business Partner
— Company activity: Research & Development for KaraSpace MEMS DMD components



The KaraSpace Lab is in the direct neighborhood of all the MEMS Technology related companies in the Innovation center of Itzehoe. The ISIT Fraunhofer Institut develops the digital micro mirror devices DMD which are the key technology for AR devices. The good cooperation of KaraSpace with other Fraunhofer Institutes in the past is the foundation for the next round.


The MEMS DMD subsystems of the new KaraSpace AR-Glasses will be developed together at the ISIT Fraunhofer Institute, as soon as the financing is secured.

The business model, how the Fraunhofer Institute is working together with the German Industry is the blueprint of the the way the KaraSpace AR-Consortium is working together with all the related AR companies. The joined development of the companies may only be used by the KaraSpace Consortium for the AR-Glass industry. But all the companies can use their developed technology for many other use cases and industries.


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