KaraSpace, Forging a Ring of Power and bringing it to a Safe Haven

In the symbolism of “The Lord of the Rings” the rings can be seen as complex constructions of enormous power, that can not be easily destroyed. The object of a ring symbolizes nicely the nature of such power structure. And the behavior in the Tolkins story adds nicely the character of such power structure.

KaraSpace is such power structure (Ring).
– It has been forged in a sophisticated manner and in a long period of time.
– It is highly desirable especially by the powerful.
– The structure of the power construction is the combination of many concepts that fuse together. The ends of the concepts fit together again, forming a closed loop or ring.
– At KaraSpace it is the combination of many technical, commercial and social concepts, that form a closed loop to exert the power.
– For a person to possess this power (wear the ring), it means to become corrupted by the power and ultimately serving the dark side.
– The ring must be given to a non-power seeking person (a Hobbit) that can resist the temptation to wear it and that can bring it to a safe haven.
– At KaraSpace the safe haven is the direct democratically governed KaraSpace Association.


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