User Union to the Data Industrial Complex

German car factory and labor union oposing each other

Karaspace can be seen as the ballance of power to the Data Industrial Complex, just as the labor unions whare nessesary to the factory owners in the first industrial Revolution.

In this developing fourth industrial revolution, the new world order can onyl thrive in a ballanced manner, if the total power of the technology platforms have chacks and ballences through an equally powerfull entety to represent and negotiate for the People and the local Governments.

Polecy makers and stakeholders must understand, that after the intrudiction of mainstream Augmented Reality Glasses with Artificiall Inteligence and Blockchain technology, the infinite monatory and influencial power of this new generation of computer platform will create utterly ugly social misfits of societies, if submitted to the insatiable greed of sharholders of big-date closed-system industries. This equally applies, if this corporations are run by the Governments.

The user union to big date must be completely independen from the big data business model and jet equally rich throuth posession of infinite virtual asset . It must implement uncorruptabe Governance systems. The negotiated agreements with local countries and global corporations must be enforced through an open source AR interface that ensures absolute trust in this contracts and can not simply be circumvented.

KaraSpace has integrated and developed this components indepeded from the big data industry.
It is a Swiss non-profit NGO constituted as an Association in the Canto of Schwyz. The constitution and Token based, direct democratic Governance is concipated to be developed to a prototype of a modern uncorruptable, direct democratic governance, in accordance with the principles ot the Great Reset, and that can later be applied to other organizations.

We understand that the most prominent and powerfull members of the World Economic Forum are exactly this companies, and that in the face of this historic crossroad, they act in the shier oposit way then thair actual nature.

If the business comunity of the World Economic Forum can not consent on checks and ballances on the ultimate source of power through unlimited liquidity, informationa and influence, and leve it to the Data Industrial Complex with its closed system as well as it sharholder and profit oriented structures, it will generate a social nightmare. The transformation of Facebook after the IPO is the blueprint for what is going wrong, but would be multiplied hundredfold.

But if a concencis and mandate for the KaraSpace initiative can be reached, it would mean to live up to the promisses and high expectations of the Great Reset.

The non profit nature  and ethic rules of the accossiation would channel the immens wealth of the new evolving virtual world to comunity project and innovative companies under new rules of stakeholder and environmental value.

This is the suggestion we submit to the Great Reset initiaive of the World Economic Forum and hope to trigger an important subject for duscusseion.


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