April 26, 2019


The KaraSpace network is organized as  a central project management entity (the KaraSpacE Foundation) with different development hubs in Germany, China, the US and Switzerland, to support the members of the KaraSpacE AR-Thrive Torrent Consortium.



KaraSpace InnovationHub Germany,

the North German Hub in Itzehoe near Hamburg,
leading in MEMS micro mechanics like DMD digital micro mirror diveces,


serving the following stake holders:


IZET Innovation Center Itzehoe,
the government funded innovation center, hosting the KaraSpace Hub, next to the ISIT Fraunhofer Institute for MEMS developments,
Fraunhoferstrasse 3, 25524 Itzehoe.



ISIT Fraunhofer-Institut für Siliziumtechnologie,
the government funded research institute for MEMS micro mechanics, that can start immediately with the KaraSpace MEMS development,
Fraunhoferstrasse 1,  25524 Itzehoe.


KaraSpacE GmbH,
the key Integral Imaging expert for the KaraSpecs development,
Fraunhoferstrasse 3, 25524 Itzehoe.



Nordblume GmbH,
the Import/Export and Logistics company serving KaraSpace as back-office,
Bahnhofstrasse 74, 25560 Puls.


KaraSpace InnovationHub China,

the north China Hub in HengShui near Beijing,
in the new Chinese investment focus for the dedicated future China Technology Capital Jingjinji,


serving the stake holders:


Hengshui Big Date & VR/AR Innovation City,
the new Big Data & AR Incubation and Experience Center financed by Beijing, financing and hosting the KaraSpace development in China. Taocheng District, Hengshui, Hebei.



Hebei EMax-KaraSpace Development Co., Ltd.,
the KaraSpace Prototype development company, hosted in the Hengshui Big Data & AR Innovation City.



Shenzhen EMax Technology Co., Ltd.,
the KaraSpace partner for the China industry and government connection, resident in the prominent National Supercomputing Center, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen.




Hengshui Innovation Center, Technology Bureau of Taocheng District,
the KaraSpace lead investor for the China industry. The location will host the KaraSpace operation until the Hengshui Big Data & AR Innovation City is ready build. Taocheng, Hengshui, Hebei.



Hengshui University and new planned College,
the KaraSpace research partner institute in Hengshui with future mutual professorship and internships.



KaraSpace InnovationHub Silicon Valley,

the Californian hub, next to Stanford and Santa Clare University, the home of the academic life of the CEO,

serving the stake holders:



Santa Clara University, Donohoe Alumni House,
as long as KaraSpace has no fixed location for the Silicon Valley activities, the home of the academic life of the CEO serves as the basis,
500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053, USA



The Swiss KaraSpace InnovationHub,

near Zug and the central Swiss lakes, in the crypto valley, enabling Blockchain software development and finance


serving the stake holders:



KaraSpacE Swiss Foundation,

home of the central project management and the Block Chain business.
It is planned to rent space in a Villa at the lake side in the Crypto valley near Zug.

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