June 9, 2020

Site tour

We will have a video tour through our web site, for a convenient enty to our complex structures.

Untill the video is ready, plese refere to the preliminary text.


The KaraSpace.net platform is the hub that brings all the powerful concepts together and needs a short tour to understand it.
It has two entry points. One ICO style landing page for STO and Token Sale marketing, witch can be accessed through karaspace.net or ico.karaspace.com and is more aggressive.
The normal corporate landing page is karaspace.com
All start with an animated slider, that presents all the different concepts. It is generally the challenge of the KaraSpace Webpage to make the people understand all the concepts, and how powerful it is to fuse them.
The slider is also useful to present KaraSpace in a classical board room presentation.
Second step should alway be to view the short introduction video. The whole website is fully multi lingual and ready to be translated to all major languages in the world, so make sure to switch to the most convenient language. KaraSpace addresses all people in their native language for good reason.

The absolute key to the KaraSpace Project is the ingenious optical system for frameless AR-Glasses with uncompromising features for easy replacement of all Smartphones in the future. This system is technologically so advanced that it is a challenge to understand it, but the social consequences are so powerful, that it should be understood by any interested technician. So there are a number of further technical, but also business videos available on the pitch video section of the STO Landing page area. From the top slider you learned, that KaraSpace technology evolved in proximity to the absolute center for optical and micro mechanical developments, the ISIT Fraunhofer Institute. Once the optical technology is understood, there is no doubt that the power of AR will be unleashed.

Some people will turn right to the entry point of the KaraSpace 3D augmented reality portal between the top slider and the pitch video. But while the presented 3d Graphics is not more impressive then normal 3d games, it’s hidden features constitutes the most important concept for mainstream AR and humanity. The rich 3D content will follow later. The fundamental concept of the KaraSpace virtual environment is open source code, in the most comprehansive form possible for billions of end users in their native language. Only the capability of reading and trying out the running programs can generate absolute trust in the coming AR world and the underlying artificial intelligence.

The future mixed reality world with artificial intelligence would turn into a nightmare, with every virtual object spying and deceiving you, if we would apply the current closed systems to it.

The front end of the karaspace.net platform is developed in plane wordpress technology, but the KaraSpecs AR-Glasses internet infrastructure is much more advanced with absolute trust, ease and beauty if compared to common web development systems.
The programming language follows the natural human language logic and has not the twisted functional logic or cryptic codes only comprehensible to long time coding professionals. Reading code is like reading normal sentences.
The coding language and all the significant code will be translated to all languages, for wide spread trust and coding communities.
The style of the program coding will be following human logic and every day structures and not some incomprehensible algorithmic efficiency.
The programs or virtual objects will be inspectable and locally changeable while they are running, for users to understand what they are doing. The program developers themselves will thrive from all this features and enable them to handle the most complex systems jet to come.
The database programming is completely avoided, easing the stress on the programmer to constantly solve the common data representation mismatch paradox. The code is revealing, what it is essentially doing.
This most mature Smalltalk language easily interfaces or compiles to C or Javascript, to use all the available library if needed.

The KaraSpace infrastructure uses distributed synchronizing dynamic Smalltalk object-spaces. Pharo Smalltalk images are the large backend systems that provide privacy secured data and blockchain secured code to the Amber frontend Smalltalk system, that present all in 3D.
Different Pharo Smalltalk images perform different functions like storing the virtual land cadastral information or the actual contend of some land. They have each an html web interface to access the date from classical browsers. These online images can be accessed via menu Platforms&Accounts > Smalltalk-Systems.

The KaraSpace software is all open source and the own Shop and Marketplace is offering all this systems as soon as stable versions are available (menu Products > Catalog > System Software). The shop entries also provide more information about all the different components and systems.

When following down the first menu, you will learn about the company structure, being a Swiss Association with personal and corporate members. The statutes of the Association is like the constitution of the virtual KaraSpace country and is posted in the menu Imprint/Legal. For the core hardware and software development companies there is a consortium contract to agree on basic cooperative issues.
The main job of the Association is the central project management of all the development efforts, the administration of KaraSpace through a Blockchain based DAO organization and the acquisition of financial means for all developers through STO Token sales of the individual companies and Land Token sales.

In the submenu of Company > STO/ICO Landing-Page > Token Economics, you will learn that the KaraSpace venture is all about Blockchain technology in many different technical as well as financial aspects.
The biggest task now, is the acquisition of capital, compatible to our values and conforming to the local regulations. We are preparing the infrastructure for a public offer of our Security Tokens and other virtual asset-tokens like land or stable coins. This is specially feasible for small organizations like ours, and a very hot topic as can be seen from the Ernst&Young brochure on Tokenization of Assets in Switzerland.

As the compliance to government regulations is still complex, we start first with investors restricted to Switzerland and Germany and to a maximum of 500 investors with a maximum total amount of €5 Mio per company and country.

In > Upcoming Token Sales you can see that our token offers can combine different token types in a package like company shares with additional stable coins or virtual land.

The central point of sale for all KaraSpace related products is the multi vendor marketplace in the Products sub menu. Among many current and prospect hardware or software products, the token and coins have their own sub category.
You can see that the final sales of the security tokens are restricted to users that have registered and proven to qualify for a purchase. Other virtual assets may not need so strict KYC (know your customer) requirements. Some virtual assets like land may be only purchased with specific currencies like the own stable KaraCoin for the Euro-Zone or China.

When obtaining or selling any virtual assets on the platform, the user will be provided with its own an Ethereum wallet to temperately hold this tokens. For longer storage of higher value tokens the user should transfer them to other wallets like the Trezor Hardware wallet or other systems. The KaraSpace.net site connects to the Ethereum web3.js interface to enable payments and transactions with MetaMask, but which requires either Chrome or Firefox browsers.

You may realize, KaraSpace is the absolute Blockchain power application running on the Ethereum platform, with many smart contracts and distributed Dapp applications to come. All the Smart Contracts are listed under the Imprint/Legal menu, as they constitute the foundation of a modern smart contract driven organization. The related Dapp’s can then be accessed ether through the private user account or from the Governance DAO portal which is under the Community menu.
Both types of resources need to lay open the source code in the most comprehensible way possible, to lay the foundation of trust. It is from our understanding not comprehensible, how other STO companies do not publish the respective smart contract at all.

At KaraSpace, all source code that needs to be understood by the endusers for the sake of trust will be provided by multi lingual and well documented Smalltalk code. Nobody can be expected to comprehend complex systems without playing around with it in a live testing and development environment and this is what also needs to be provided on a single click. This applies to the 3d World just as much as for the Dapp’s and the Smart Contracts, which will then easily compile to native solidity byte code.
The fun of live 3d graphics programming in the most advance 3d Smalltalk development environment, with the goal to fill the whole virtual world with fancy graphics, will bring the skill of object oriented programming back to the masses. It is a myst that only coding experts can do that, because it is child’s play.

When following down the Community sub menus you learn that KaraSpace is really a community project in a global scale.

The type of prospect member can be very different and are therefore addressed with different portals like for institutional investors, private persons, professions, companies, organizations or countries.
The personal motivation to engage with KaraSpace can also be of many different reasons, which are addressed in the motivation sub menu. This can be in the spheres of AR optical engineering, 3d Programming or gaming fun, AR Business opportunity seekers, Financial opportunism, Programming language enthusiasts, open source gurus, Blockchain decentralization philosophers, alternative money believers, privacy and trust fanatics, atheist or religious truthers, alternative democracy believers and many more.

KaraSpace claims to be neutral towards any political direction or system, as the designated location of Switzerland suggests. Many personal motives may seem to favor one or the other direction. But from our experience, the benefits from KaraSpace and mainstream AR-Glasses are helping any political system to reach a working society.

The coming marketing efforts will try to efficiently target the groups individually, but at the end everybody will be a KaraSpace citizen.

Register in the registration area to get engaged with the KaraSpace project. This is not an automated process but an individual contact to find out in what respect we can work together.
When accepting the general terms and conditions and the code of ethics, in the context of a virtual country like KaraSpace, it is like a naturalization with an oat to respect the constitution of the country.

As a registered citizen of KaraSpace you are entitled to engage with the governance DAO of the organizations, the hardware/software/business development of the Project in line with the central Project management and the purchase, trade and development of virtual KaraSpace assets like land, object or AI.

The governance DAO follows the vision of Ethereum cofounder Vitlik Buterin to enable distributed organizations that rely on open source smart contracts as well as people to be independent and democratically governed.