November 16, 2019


The KaraSpace Project is much to big for a single company to handle, even if it is a giant company like Google, as we can see from the poor AR approach from Magic Leap. This is why we have created the so called Thrive Torrent Strategy of collaborative Finance, Development and Project Management. It joins the forces of the people and the industry to handle the extraordinary Idea of mainstream AR in a distributed and fault tolerant manner. To save and focus recourses, the collaborating companies and individuals are synchronized by the central collaborative Project management root. They must sign the Affiliation or Consortium Contract which regulates the enforcement of the ethical and social rules and values, the handling of the generated intellectual property, the profit share, the roll within the network and many other aspects.  Also if an affiliated company fails for any reason, the generated work and experience are changed to open source, for others to continue or learn from the mistakes. Whit AR AI 5G and BlockChain technology joined together, KaraSpace is the long awaited Blockchain power application that will generate a whole new software revolution.

Learn more about the AR-Consortium by browsing the list of already joined organizations, the Consortium Agreement, the agreed Code of Social Ethics on AR Glasses or the joined patent/IP and know-how portfolio.