Next mobile computing

    They look just like normal optical glasses and also have the normal optical function.

    Virtual world superimposing reality

    All virtual objects get real value through Blockchain, just like Bitcoins.

    Full transparency and no technique in the face. The key to main stream AR.
    Through optical cloaking of the MEMS hardware inside the glass, through optical fiber projectors and integral imaging.

    AR Integral Fiber Optics

    Achieved by Open Source, Ethereum BlockChain, cryptography and active user communities..

    Absolute blockchain trust
    Advanced AR Software Systems
    Object Oriented

    Integrating state of the art Open Source AI, Deep Learning, BlockChain, ERP, Web Services, Prototyping, TOGAF and Object Oriented Database Development Environments .

    Multy-Image Organs

    The HengShui provincial Government offers adequate funding for inside China development work on the KaraSpace AR-Glasses. A 500 Million Dollar AR and Big Data Incubator City Infrastructure is currently being constructed and ready to operate end of 2020.

    China Government Leads Investors

    As a company, freelancer, investor or private individual. There are great tasks and opportunities awaiting you.

    Competence near the
    ISIT Fraunhofer-Institute
    for MEMS technology


    The KaraSpace laboratory for MEMS and Micro Optics is located in the IZET innovation center next to the ISIT-Fraunhofer Institute for MEMS and Wafer-Level Optics. This center is a leader in Germany for the key technology of AR glass hardware.

    for virtual content

    Aquire now blockchain secured land use rights for virtual content, and earn in the future by sale or rental through our marketplace.

    KaraSpace in China
    AR- BigData City ready 2020


    AR is Big Data^10

    AI engines at the user site, interprets the data stream from the AR-Glasses to meaningful packages and enables the user to understand it, before to consent to any disclosure .

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  • Mainstream Augmented Reality Glasses
    in the smallest design,
    highest resolution,
    object recognition UI,
    and absolute privacy through open source Block Chain system.

    The absolute blockchain power application.

    Solving the hardest AR Privacy Problem with Block Chain privacy concepts.

    The most ingenious optical AR design, combined with the very heart of Ethereum block chain technology, to build the ultimate mainstream AR-Glasses, and trigger the biggest software revolution jet to come.
    The KaraSpace is the largest virtual space on top of this world, with the most valuable virtual assets, governed by an incorruptible, distributed, direct democratic and semi autonomous organization, based on block chain tokens.
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    Big Questions

    But why can not big companies like Apple, Google or Samsung do it or copy it?
    Only KaraSpace has international patent protection for the ultimate AR optical design, that has been worked of for many years. All other AR optical designs look ridiculous and are far away from being accepted as main stream device.
    But even if they have a competing design, they can not solve the profound AR privacy problem without disassembling their own centralized, big-data business model. The block-chain principles demand the change to decentralization, and users learn very quickly, to reject the nightmare of a closed AR system.
    The big ones only have a lot of money, but are too inflexible to see and accomplish the upcoming paradigm shift.

    Is there a prototype or proof of concept for this incredible technology?
    Find more detailed answers on our Q&A Page.

    Our Future Produkt AR Street Scene

    KaraSpacE is the virtual world, like this Unicorn laid on top of the real world. It blends in perfectly with shadows and occlusion. But it is only visible through our KaraSpecs AR-Glasses. Things in the virtual layer must be paid in our KaraCoins, or other crypto tokens.
    The fascinating virtual reality as your every day user interface!

    We deliver the optical projection system to integrate the ultimate AR experience into a pair of rimless spectacles. Only by banning any technical clue from the face of the user, this glasses will become the socially accepted mainstream medium to replace Smartphone, PC and TV.
    In addition, our open source, block chain empowered operating system provides perfect peace of mind, by securing your sensitive personal neuronal network that powers your glasses. A smart contract based democratic governance construction, secures the open source system.

    • The glasses look like normal optical spectacles and also preserve the optical function.

    • The field of view is at least the same as the optical glass. Larger glasses, curved glasses or extra features beside the glass can expand the field of view. The dot resolution is always retina quality, where ever you look at.

    • The operating system offers Smalltalk open source, secured on the Block Chain, and guaranteed privacy.

    • The most valuable privacy of all users is administered and guarded by a democratic system of distributed semi-autonomous organizations, based on block chain technology.

    The KaraCoin tokens

    Augmented Reality in the Supermarket We have developed a fascinating AR technology which consists of a number of optical, technical and social concepts. But our true product is the KaraSpace virtual reality, laid on top of the real world, and visible to all KaraSpecs users. This layer is so valuable, because unlike virtual game realities, this layer is connected to the real world, and there is only one top layer, which is visible by all users. This virtual reality is also, like a virtual country, with its own currency, rules and governance.
    To build the KaraSpecs glasses, we will need many billion US$, as we can see from the AR-Glass developments from Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap. But this investment will be rewarded hundred fold. So we target a high ICO result. The offered KaraSpace Tokens, are able to cope with this gigantic project, as they offer an even bigger foundation then needed. The KaraSpace tokens will be backed, by the incredible value of the virtual use right of all the real estate surfaces in the world, which is much more then the soled tokens. The tokens will be essential for everybody's virtual life in the KaraSpace, and this will assure the highest possible circulation volume. So the KaraSpace Token has the potential to become an absolute mainstream coin, while the KaraSpace Company has the funds needed to really build the Karaspecs system. If the Funds are not enough, then further token sales will be made, or secondary compatible investors will be found.

    But the token owner has much more benefits, then just money and augmented reality 3d fun. The nature of conventional augmented reality glasses, with black box operating systems, bear the most horrific potential, to monitor and profile every word, and every image, that enters the users mind. This means the black box gains total control. But with the Trust-Smalltalk/OwnMind, object oriented, open source operating system, the user can have total confidence about his block chain ensured privacy. He has the KaraSpace governance to develop and guard the system with most advanced distributed semi-autonomous democratic organizations, based on block chain technology. As soon as the KaraSpace governance has matured, the KaraCoin Token system will consist of locally and globally circulating tokens, that additionally constitute the right to participate directly in the KaraSpace governance. Every Token owner could then be picked like in a lottery, and may then work for a short while for the governance, and get paid. So the participation at the token sale, can also be seen to be of moral importance, to enable democracy with in the KaraSpace virtual reality, and conserve the freedom of thought for coming generations.
    Token Coin

    Learn more about the tokens, and how to buy them.

    Token Coin

    Technology Development

    Augmented Reality in the SupermarketEvery technological and business project must provide the proof of concept. For small inventions, a working prototype is needed. For the gigantic, most important projects, this is not possible. But KaraSpecs comes with a so called distributed academic proof of concept. That means, all the components are proven with prototypes or experimental setups, but are distributed around the world. The academic part is the Logic to combine this technologies to a complex system. Steve Jobs postulated in this context the most powerful policy: “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.” This does not apply to any fantasy, but when a deeply involved technician can imagine his design to work out, then it can be achieved with the respective financial backing of the Corporation. The greatest product consists of many concepts joined together. If they can all be proven individually, and imagined by the experts to work together, the product development can be started. This has led to the most powerful products, and the biggest companies in the world like Apple.
    The KaraSpace Technology consists of many concepts, that have been developed by teams and scientist all around the world. Each concept can be testified, to work out for KaraSpecs. So Steve Jobs policy can equally well work for the spectacular KaraSpace development, launched by the the lead investors and the public blockchain community.

    But beside the optical design, the KaraSpecs business case integrates open source software, Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence, hardware development & production methods, and social business structures, which are also all imagined by experts to work our for the KarSpecs framework.

    The persons behind the developments and the consortium will be disclosed, as soon as the project is officially announced!

    The AR Block Chain Revolution

    AR, Block Chain and Neuron Network image recognition, fuse together to form an irresistible disruptive new computing device, that overcomes the network effect, and performs the paradigm shift towards a whole set of revolutionary concepts. These are:
    Absolute privacy through Block Chain secured open source operating system layers.
    Self-Determination of the 100-fold increased social and browsing profiles, stored on your private database, and given to big data only at consensus.
    The financing and voting for new applications through Initial Coin Offerings. The payment and speculation with many different local token currencies, connected to applications.
    Efficient peer to peer, Block Chain Trust enabled, distributed applications, disrupting centralized business models.
    The governance of apps and companies, through incorruptible, semi-autonomous organizations on the Block Chain, driven by user communities.

    All this more direct democratic concepts, only have a chance, when introduced with the new 3D immersive AR experience. Todays Smartphones leave no space for this changes, due to the network effect. AR Glasses inevitably demand the block Chain Privacy, to secure the explosion of most private behavio profiles. Main stream AR, fused with Block Chain, then inevitably lead to the above social changes.

    Only KaraSpecs meets main stream requirements, in contrary to other major AR-Glass suppliers. And while the Users will mainly be attracted by the immersive 3D User interfaces, KaraSpecs will satisfied with much deeper advances like the above.

    Track Record and Roadmap

    KaraSign Wall
    Over 20 years of 3D Integral Imaging and Light Field developments, essential for AR Glasses.
    Year Action
    1995KaraSpace 3D development started
    1996KaraSign computer integral imaging 3D billboard system patented
    2003KaraSign patent granted
    2004-5KaraSign prototype development
    2006KaraSpacE Company founded
    2008-9 RealEyes prototype development using the KaraSign technology
    2010RealEyes product development using the KaraSign technology
    2011RealEyes product launch using the KaraSign technology
    2012-3KaraSpacE product research
    2014KaraSpecs development started
    2015-6KaraSpecs development
    2017KaraSpecs AR-Glasses patented
    2018KaraSpace software development
    2019->first financial rounds
    2020KaraSpecs prototype development
    2021ICO/IEO or other rounds
    2021 Q2Software developer platform SDK launch
    2022-3iSpecs product development using KaraSpecs technology
    2024-6iSpecs product launches using KaraSpecs technology

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