March 12, 2017

Investor Portal, pre-STO/ICO investment

With the Chinese government, the KaraSpace project has found a very strong financial partner as lead investor in China. However, the Chinese government’s funds can only be used as development expenditures and salaries within China. But KaraSpace is an international open source development project, and thus extensive funding is also needed for development activities in western countries.

Participation at the STO/ICO process
If you are interested to finance and participate at the STO/ICO process itself, we offer additional informations and preferable conditions as specified in the attached PDF document for Private Placement investors, VCs and Angel investors.
In German: Investment offer 4 pages information PDF.

Private Placement Offer KaraSpace Association STO/ICO 8 Pages PDF. (in Englisch)


Institutional and Venture Capital Investors
We want to work out a way for institutional investors and venture capital investors, to make this A round also workable for them. We invite any one to lead this round, or to join it.

Classified Information on our technology
For serious investors and strategic partners, we provide extensive classified information about our detailed business plan and the fascinating technology. For the highest convenience, some informations are even available as comprehensive videos.

Please understand that this offer can only be made to Investors who contribute more than the equivalent of US$ 250.000,– or have a strategic connection with our business.

To access this page, you have to agree to this linked Non Disclosure Agreement  by sending an email back to, stating your company name, first and family name, your date of birth, legal address and email address. Your email must further state that you agree to the Non Disclosure Agreement on the investor page of our website.
We will then send you the password, to access our classified investor pages.

No matter how you obtained the password, by following this link and entering the password, you agree herewith to the Non Disclosure Agreement and confirm that you will not publish any of the obtained informations.