December 21, 2020

Fair Use Code and Credits

Our code of “Fair Use” usage of copy right material on our platform
and credit to all owners.

“Fair Use” visualization with work from Barbara Margolies


We consider all of our work to fulfill all criteria to be protected by the legal dogma of “Fair Use” for using copy right material.

  • We always prefer imagery or other media that is clearly marked as free or under creative license.
  • We deny the use of any imagery or other media that is marked as stock photography or media, that is created and marketed to be soled for this purpose.
  • We credit the owner and the artists of the used material here, when evener possible.
  • The KaraSpace Association is a non profit organization for the ultimate common good.
  • The newly created content is a mixture of many categories of work, that create a new kind of informative media, not related to any individual work used.
  • We do not create commercial competition to the monetization to any of the works, which they where intended to create.
  • The content is highly educational, with the intent to inspire ethical human behavior.
  • Videos republished on Youtube are not monetized by us and only for providing additional language subtitles.
  • Our newly mixed Videos contain copyright content for the purpose of recalling the scene to comment on them and create new meaning.

Watch this video to understand the basics of the “Fair Use” legal dogma.

For more information see the CMSI information and the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video

We give credit in the name of the greater good of our creation for the contributing creative works:

Barbara Margolies, for her paintings on visualizing “Fair Use”
M.C. Escher, for his philosophical drawings

All creators of Alisa Selezneva imagery

Emma Kenyon Parrish, for her inspired poetry
Eric Woolfson and the Alan Parsons Project, for the inspired lyrics and music
Chris de Burgh, for his inspiring music
Yanni and Samvel Yervinyan, for “until the last moment” violin solo
Xavier Naidoo, for his music and lyrics  like “Bitte her Nicht Auf zu träumen”
Linus Bruhn, for his interpretation of “Bitte her nicht auf zu träumen”
Pink Floyd, for the “An other Brick in the Wall” music video
A special credit to the creators of the song “Beautiful Far Away”

Alisa story:
Natalya Guseva, for her natural and blessed acting
Kir Bulychev, for the fantastic authoring of Alisa Selezneva’s Myth
Pavel Arsenov, for the excellent realization of the “Guest from the Future”
All others involved in the film productions of Alisa Selezneva adventures
The makers of “Alisa’s Birthday” and “The mystery of the third planet”

Other story:
J.R.R. Tolkin, for his ring of power work
J.K. Rowling, for her quidditch work
Dawo & DHeusta, for the work of FNAF

Video footage:
Lóránd Fényes, for the works with Mila Gojsalic
The Matrix Film, for the Red Pill and the Street Scene
Eric Hanson, for “Why End User Programming” video
Das Wunder von Wörgl movie, some scenes

Wort Economic Forum, for a diversity of content
Karl Guttag, for his AR technology analysis content
Nicolas Brand from Lakestar VC, for the speech on the Crypto Summit
Tim Cook from Apple, for his speaches and press conferences
Goldman & Sachs, for the VR/AR Report and Videos
Keiichi Masuda, for his AR Hyper Reality Video
Microsoft, for its Hololens presentation videos

Gregg Branden, for his work on the gospel of Thomas
Gary Lite, for his work on the gospel of Thomas
Ivo Sasek, for his excellent work
Douglas R. Hofstädter, for his work in Gödel, Escher, Bach
Kurt Gödel, for his proof of mysticism

Alan Kay, for the creation of Smalltalk
Adele Goldberg, for the development of Smalltalk
Linus Torvalds, for his open source community work
Vitalik Buterin, for the development of Ethereum
Satoshi Nakamoto, for his work on blockchain technology
Brock Pierce, for explaining blockchain content
Richie Jedaru, for explaining blockchain content
Prof. John Pendry, for explaining invisibility cloaks
Joel Carpenter, for explaining multi mode fiber projectors