November 5, 2019

Product Pipeline

The main physical KaraSpace product is always a pair of fashionable spectacles with no technical clues in the face of the user, for a perfekt social eye to eye contact. Only behind the ear at the back of the head is a small technical device for projection and functionality.

The preferred point of sale is a classical optical shop, which can also ensure the correct optical correction as needed by the individual user.


It is the KaraSpace strategy to provide only products for absolute mainstream and for permanent, day by day use. It is the goal of the KaraSpace development to provide uncompromised Augmented Reality glasses in the future, using the patented technology. But on the way we will bring intermediate states of technology, alway integrated into the same basic minimalistic devices.

The spectacles will be supplemented with a set of accessories carrying fundamental function for the AR system.

The bulky hard case for the spectacles is integrating a complete smartphone with curved display at the top to provide information, keyboard and camouflage decoration. It integrates extra battery packs to charge the small battery of the glasses or to replace them. It provides powerful computational units to assist the light weight spectacle unit. It connects to the spectacle either wireless, with low radiation, or via a slim cable with an optical fiber.

The slim classical looking watch in different fashionable designs provides the functionality to record any relative 3D movement with a gyro-sensor, just like the old mouse did in 2D. Additional sensors under the wrist record the finger movement with sensors reaching deep under the skin, as patented by KaraSpace. So the virtual world is controlled by eye gaze and relative hand and finger movements. The hand does not need to reach a virtual object to move it, which would look stupid.
The information is transmitted via Bluetooth to the hard case processing unit.

The fan-less local server provides the network infrastructure for the trusted personal cloud computing, that stores and processes all the very personal date recorded by the AR spectacles. The serves further store the local 3d scanned environments needed for AR, synchronizes all the users in the local space and provides services for the global blockchain infrastructure to guarantee consensus for the blockchain secured operating and application system and the tokenized virtual objects in KaraSpace.

The Debian based OpenSpeX open source operating system for the local server comes with a wealth of professional applications, that resemble the old world of desktop software, while integrating the new virtual 3D KaraSpace as a parallel 3d world desktop.


The TruSt application layer executes all privacy relevant AR interactions, giving the user guaranteed trust in privacy and self determination, as it enables the user to monitor the running open source code and the stored date in a rich graphical environment. Other subsystems provide full control over the neuron network processing and the private data stored.


The KaraSpace virtual assets like land, avatars and objects are accessed and traded in the virtual world experience software like Sansar from Linden Lab.

KaraSpace will establish a partnership with one of this companies.


The financial products will consist of a combination of security tokens linked to particular AR companies and KaraSpace crypto currency for the purchase of virtual land or other assets secured on the blockchain.


This is a short overview of the basic kind of products offered by KaraSpace in the future. To learn more details and see more minor products, please go to our product catalog here.

The product pipeline towards the final AR-glasses will first start with a set of the above components, but with a very restricted functionality. The following functionality will then be gradually added (not in order):

  • Server with preinstalled application
  • Server with OpenSpeX
  • Glass with wireless earphones
  • Glass with voice assistant running on the own privacy server
  • Glass with hearing aid for elderly
  • Glass with switchable sunglass function
  • Glass with eye tracking
  • Glass with LCD occlusion mask
  • Glass with autofocusing layer
  • Wach with bluetooth connection
  • Wach with gyro sensor
  • Watch with finger sensor
  • Hard case with battery
  • Hard case with smartphone included
  • Hard case with curved monitor
  • Hard case with holographic processing unit
  • Glass with cloaked edges
  • Glass with first augmentation projectors
  • Glass with full augmentation projection
  • TruSt secured private data cloud server
  • TruSt secured voice assistant
  • TruSt secured private object space
  • Krypto currency on the blockchain
  • Kadastrial data on the blockchain

And so on…