May 18, 2019

Project Contribution

The world is changing in extraordinary pace and the understanding about it, is completely different in China compared with the West. The economy is in a big recesion.

But there is not only destruction coming. There are extraordinary opportunities that go beyond any of our lost businesses. Liquidity is the big problem in business now all around the world. Banks now don’t provide it enough, and Governments want to prevent international sale of company shares. So many companies may be forced to issue depth certificates in the form of security token to survive and position them selfs in new business opportunities. This token are not official stock but only provide a profit share or other things by contract. Small companies can issue them with very little overhead and big companies are able to circumvent the ban on company sale out.

The problem is, that this security tokens are highly risky, because the companies are like start-up’s with questionable future business models in the post corona time and with no extra collaterals to offer. No bank or traditional investor has an interest in such engagement.

This is, where the ingenious token economics of the KaraSpace Association is coming in. It offers very interesting collaterals of substantial future value, that are linked to the success of the new AR augmented reality glasses business. The global AR-Glasses business is commonly recognized as highly potential and key for any post corona senarion. As soon as a company has any relation to the infrastructure of future AR-Glasses as the universal mobile computing device, the company can be funded. AR is so big, that almost any business can have such a relation and trillions of collateral dollars can be contributed to an investment.
The total possible collateral is nothing less then the whole world of virtual real estate as seen through the future AR-Glasses. Every area and every surface in the world can be sold a second time, to be used for advertisement, design or applications, visible through the future AR Glasses.

KaraSpace claims to have the only optical technology patented, to make absolute minimalistic spectacles possible, with the highest imaging quality, fit for the mainstream replacement of all smartphones. It further claims to have the software technology to provide absolute trust in privacy through blockchain systems.
Blockchain technology is then further applied to make the virtual land, as well as the security tokens incorruptible.
KaraSpace has long time prepared for the formation of a consortium of companies that join the common goals of perfectly human AR technology. With a broad network of companies promoting the KaraSpace initiative, the virtual land and the companies become an immeasurable asset. Even if a single company or technology is failing, the emerging company network will not fail.

KaraSpace is an incredible phenomena, a powerful idea at the very right moment, and there is nothin more powerful then that.
The creation of many trillion dollars of real value virtual assets to be given free for a liquidity desperate industry, for their commitment to build AR-Glasses with humanity saving privacy and a direct democratic raw model of the KaraSpace non profit organizational governance build on blockchain smart contracts.

This was a very short introduction to the KaraSpace initiative. But KaraSpace is much more. It is a complex combination of advanced optical technology for AR-Glasses, MEMS microchip technology, Fraunhofer engineering centers, company and people networks, development consortium, blockchain token economics, object oriented internet servers, crypto currencies, security tokens, token sale events, public tenders, news magazine, web shop, multi vendor virtual assets exchange, WordPress website, Smalltalk life image website, 3D graphics environment, 3D objects and virtual land secured on the blockchain, Swiss NGO Association, ethical code for privacy, international patents portfolio, open source smalltalk application development software and Debian operating system, Bitrix24 shared project management, direct democratic DAO governance based on smart contracts and dapps, and so on. Learn much more by browsing this platform.

What does that mean for you in praxis.

The KaraSpace organization is granting KaraSpace StableCoins to anybody who has inserted any kind of work or financial efforts into the KaraSpace eco system.
A financial evaluation and the grant will be performed by the KaraSpace open source DAO, the direct democratic governance of the association.

At present, this coins can not be converted into other public crypto currencies, but that may change upon sufficient financing of the organization. In very risky situations, this grants will be given in parallel to the real world financial reality. Upon good liquidity of the KaraSpace Association, the holder of this coins may then have a double profit in the future.

The KaraSpace StableCoin can be used to buy other KaraSapce assets like virual land, or real world security token of KaraSpace associated companies as offers on the token sales. This assets are the object of speculation, in contrary to the stable coin.
All this assets are kept on a personal Ethereum wallet on our platform, but can also be moved to other personal Ethereum wallets.
The respective smart contracts and dapp’s (User Interface application) are maintained on the platform.

The platform also provides a private multi vendor marketplace to buy or sell KaraSpace Tokens.

So what opportunities are there now for entrepreneurs all around the world.

Besides using the granted coins to buy and sale KaraSpace assets for speculation, you can buy more KaraSpace StableCoins using normal fiat currency like US$ Euro or Yuan, to increase your stake.

You can go to friend, family or customers to convince them to engage in KaraSpace and claim commission on the related sales at the KaraSpace DAO. This can be small customers or big investors.

You can perform work, privately or within your company in many different ways to serve the global KaraSpace eco system and claim KaraSpace StableCoins for this work. There are public tenders for many tasks or company collaborations on our platform. Be creative and suggest a task to the Association, that you can do. Be aware, that all software and technology must remain open source, only under the KaraSpace ethical restrictions.

You can go to friends & family or customers to suggest them do engage in KaraSpace through the above mentioned work.

If you happen to recognize the gigantic potential in this AR-Glass business, you can find a local investor to build a new company that focuses on a specific function of the KaraSpace company network. The company must sign the AR thrive torrent consortium agreement.
Then the investor is entitled to get the equivalent amount of KaraSpace Coins for his original investment. The KaraSpace Association must hold a non dilutable 21% of the new company. It is then possible to collect more capital through security token sales of the company through the KaraSpace platform. The company is synchronized to the network by the central project management of the KaraSpace Association.

But why can KaraSpace do, what Apple, Magic Leap (Google) or Samsung can not.

It is simply the power of a bundle of patented optical principles, how absolute minimalistic mainstream AR spectacles can be build with highest imaging quality, that the big corporations did not manage to create, despite all their money.
It is the power of blockchain crowd financing that breaks the monopoly on technology financing. It is absolute trust, through open source software, that makes AR-glasses ethically acceptable.
It is the independent development of the KaraSpace Project, that enables it to be placed into democratic open source development.

Be assured, that the commitment into KaraSpace leads to AR-Spectacle technology that assures freedom of thought for future generations, as all developments are put under this ethical principle.