KaraSpace Stablecoin Regulators Sentiment

The KaraSpace stable coin will be an integral part of the KaraSpace virtual country and is in preperation.

KaraSpace depends heavily on all kinds of blockchain tokens in all their different functions like for Crypto Currency, Stable Coin, Security Token, Utility Token, Asset Tokenization and the construction of a whole virtual country with Citizens and Governance as a token and smart contract based semi autonomous organization like a DAO.

As KaraSpace will offer token packages with security tokens, stable coins and other tokens, which will all sooner or later be regulated by all kind of countries, we categorize them as fully regulated. We will work with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA to get the necessary authorization or possible supervision by the time of the final token sales.

The sentiment of the regulators for private companies to issue stable coins have finaly turned around as shown in the video below.

The WEF has also published guidelines for central banks or privat companies to bring a stable coin on the market.

The KaraSpace Crypto-Currency backed by the virtual land
The crypto currency in KaraSpace (Kara = KPE) is not the object of speculation. The currency is only a vehicle to exchange goods and transport value. As such it is more like a stable coin in the crypto space. As the management of a stable coin is regarded as the “Holy Grail” in the crypto space, we can not guarantee to keep it stable, but our monetary department will try its best to keep the exchange rate close to the Euro with a number of effective tools. The Kara Coins will be one of the first ‘Seigniorage shares’ style cryptos (independent from real currencies or other assets), with a realistic chance to sustain stability. It is easy to intervene if the market price is to high. But if demand is low, beside the classical means of interventions and reserves, the KaraSpace Association has literally the whole world of virtual real estate using rights, to put on auction and to increase demand for Kara Coins. “Kara” will be the only currency allowed, to bid on this auctions. The KaraSpace currency will also not be promoted as a mainstream stable coin, but as the mean to buy virtual land and finance AR-Glasses. So if very big demand for stable coins arise in the crypto space, the Kara Coin require KaraSpace citizenship, AR-Investment and land purchase activities to obtain it.

So for the economy inside the KaraSpace virtual country we a have stable coin to rely on.

  • There will be different KaraSpace crypto-currencies for countries (KPX, X=A-Z) with restricted foreign exchange policy like China or India. We must respect this policies but still have to integrate this countries into the global village of KaraSpace as good as possible.
  • The KaraSpace Crypto-Currency represents the proof of effort brought into the KaraSpace project and is evaluated by the financial department to a real market price. This can be working time, physical assets, intellectual property, capital or company shares.
  • The investment of capital into an AR-Company in the KaraSpace Consortium, that face a substantial risk of failing for so manny kind of reasons and which has a long way to go for profitability, has the right to obtain the same amount in KaraSpace crypto currency. In case of success, the investor has double profit but the recursive use of these benefits are prevented.
  • The KaraSpace crypto currency can be used to buy virtual asset in the KaraSpace that are in analogy to the real world more suitable for long time value storage, for earnings through rentals and gains through speculation, or simply for the own use of the assets.
  • The KaraSpace crypto currency has alway a small risk of loosing some value in the cace, that the tokens need to be transferred to a newer underlying blockchain infrastructure. The time of such an event is unknown, so that the users are encouraged to keep the coin in circulation.
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Here the video to understand the sentiment of the regulators for private companies to issue stable coins.

The WEF guidelines for central banks or privat companies to bring a stable coin on the market:
Central Bank Digital Currency Policy-Maker Toolkit:

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