Why End User Programming

Amazing conversation about essential cognition 

In the video below, Eric Hanson and Mike of Aquameta are addressing a key defect in the social fabric of the software industry.  

In essence, the software industry is holding back the empowering means for easy end user programming. Instead, software engineering tools are made so complex and inaccessible that normal people can not access them. Software is used primarily in the interest of big corporations.

The core action of object oriented programming is very easy and human. Everybody is doing these processes in his mind every day. With the help of graphical representation of the objects and with the right development environment, the power of end user programming can be restored.  

At KaraSpace, we absolutely endorse this. But we will put an other dimension on top. 
In the coming age of Augmented Reality, trust and open source are prerequisites, if software is not to become the means of suppression and manipulation. End user programming is the key to end user program comprehension of open source programs, and self-determination.

The video with the amazing conversation on Youtube



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