President Steinmeier urges changes in ethics for the upcoming digitization

Steinmeier calls for shaping the digital transformation Federal president of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called for a reshaping of the digital world and bringing it closer to the citizens. “We do not have to worry about the digitization of democracy first and foremost, but about the democratization of the digital,” he said on Thursday in Read more about President Steinmeier urges changes in ethics for the upcoming digitization[…]

New 3D Engine for Pharo 7 Smalltalk

World Dynamic Engine – A 3D graphics engine for Pharo Virtual Reality Live at Thales with Pharo Requirements 3D Graphics Card Woden communicates with the 3D graphics via the abstract-gpu abstraction layer. Windows and Linux Woden on Windows requires a modern graphics card with support for at least one of the following two graphics APIs: Read more about New 3D Engine for Pharo 7 Smalltalk[…]

Tim Cook warns of data-industrial complex

Tim Cook, CEO of Appel made an impressive speech in front of the European parliament, confirming the KaraSpace development to be of highest importance.  Cook said that modern technology has led to the creation of a “data-industrial complex”, in which private and everyday information is “weaponized against us with military efficiency.” He added that this mechanism Read more about Tim Cook warns of data-industrial complex[…]

Magic Leap keynote highlights & 5G

The most enlightening insight views into AR within the Magic Leap keynotes and conference. The ideas all apply for main stream AR glasses, which Magic leap is still not able to deliver. But all this is absolutely significant for KaraSpace. About the virtual layer. Here is a link to the beginning of the 3 hour Read more about Magic Leap keynote highlights & 5G[…]

Why End User Programming

Amazing conversation about essential cognition  In the video below, Eric Hanson and Mike of Aquameta are addressing a key defect in the social fabric of the software industry.   In essence, the software industry is holding back the empowering means for easy end user programming. Instead, software engineering tools are made so complex and inaccessible that normal Read more about Why End User Programming[…]

The Integral-Fiber optical AR-Glass Design

The integral fiber optic AR design for minimalist AR-spectacles is the foundation of the AR blockchain revolution and is described in detail in the explanatory videos. As long as no detailed video documentation on the proof of concept is available, this compilation builds up the understanding of this proof with external YouTube videos. However, the physical principles used in Read more about The Integral-Fiber optical AR-Glass Design[…]

ICO Summit Zürich March 2018

Only few sources on the Internet are as revealing about blockchain and ICOs, as the recent ICO summits in the Swiss Crypto Valley. Particularly noteworthy for the KaraSpace ICO are the contributions of Nicolas Brand from Zurich, who works for the Lakestar VC. Below are his three contributions to the ICO Summit 2018, highlighting the Read more about ICO Summit Zürich March 2018[…]

The AR Vision of the Powerful

The big players in the industry are sure that AR will be the next big thing, as the following videos are showing. The judgment of Tim Cook CEO of Apple:   The judgment of Mark Zuckerberg:   KaraSpace is solving exactly the mentioned technical problems in such a souverän manner, that the war for the next mobile computing platform will Read more about The AR Vision of the Powerful[…]