Big Data & VR Innovation Park Meeting in HengShui

The planing of the AR Project City, that is going to become the home of the KaraSpace China Innovation Hub.

On the afternoon of July the 6th, Hengshui city Taocheng district held a report meeting on the planning and design of Hengshui Big Data & VR Innovation Industrial Park. The district committee and government will work together with the designers to promote the project as soon as possible.

Hao Weidong pointed out that, to build Hengshui Big Data & VR Innovation Industrial Park is to create a city of entrepreneurship, a city of youth and a city of the future. Guided by sustainable development, we must promote the sustainable development of industries, products and platforms. Combine new technologies with new industries with advanced thinking and forward-looking visions.

On how to promote the project construction, Zhang Shimin put forward four requirements.

Firstly, we must use forward-looking design to seize industry opportunities. The Hengshui Big Data & VR Innovation Industrial Park project implants the most advanced and modern elements into Taocheng and implants Hengshui to build an industrial park with international level, which is of strategic significance for the future development of our district and the overall image of the city. All departments at all levels should further raise their awareness, guide the planning and design with a forward-looking vision, and always ensure that our district is at the forefront of the industry and seize the opportunities ahead.

The second requirement is to achieve innovation and development with talents. Talent is the primary productive force, and the talent drive is the innovative development model that best meets the actual situation of Taocheng district. It is necessary to attract more high-end talents to gather in Taocheng and introduce more high-tech content through the carrying capacity of Hengshui Big Data & VR Innovation Industrial Park. The project settled in Taocheng and built a high-tech industrial chain with distinctive characteristics.

The third requirement is to build a dual-innovation platform complex and industrial cluster. Hengshui Big Data & VR Innovation industrial park is a combination of innovation engine, tourism development and talent base. It is a talent-driven double-creation base. It is necessary to give full play to the industrial clustering effect on both sides of Zhonghu Avenue, and fully form a positive interaction with aviation sports towns, Xuegu education towns, film and television culture towns, improve the construction standards of the park, and strive to be included in the National Development and Reform Commission’s dual-use demonstration base and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The network workshop “Double-creation platform, the Ministry of Science and Technology “Zhongchuang Space”, etc., provide industry grasp and platform support for the innovation and development of our district, and build a big data & VR industry cluster.

Fourthly, the design concept should be conform to the actual situation of the district. It is necessary to fully consider the factors of climate, environment and resources in the northern cities, and rationally plan and design the overall functional layout, construction style, theme features, corridor greening, etc. of the park in terms of the industrial layout, urban development direction and educational development needs of the district to ensure the various functions of the project. The area naturally connects to highlight the overall effect.

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