Trivium Quadrivium, the Liberal Arts and the logical Fallacies

The Trivium is the teaching originally from Aristotles about the basic process of observation (Grammatika), Application of Logig (Dialektik) on the observed matter and the communication of the resulting model (Rethorik). xxx               In the name of the rose, the film after ECO, the actual historic book of the Read more about Trivium Quadrivium, the Liberal Arts and the logical Fallacies[…]

Thoth and the New Thought movement

Thoth is an old Egyptian God that is our oldest source for giving us the gnostic knowledge how             This mystical knowledge is coded inside the Gospel of Thomas, which was suppressed and forbidden under death penalty by the Roman Christian Church for good reason; precisely to keep humanity suppressed. Read more about Thoth and the New Thought movement[…]

Hypnagogia and Hypnopompia for Creativity

Hypnagogia comes from the Greek words for “sleep” and “guide,” describing the transition period between wakefulness and sleep. Many people experience hallucinations as they fall asleep which may give them creative insights, leading artists like Salvador Dali to nickname it “the slumber with a key.” What is hypnagogia? Hypnagogia is the dream-like state that occurs Read more about Hypnagogia and Hypnopompia for Creativity[…]

Mila Gojsalić, Heroic Beauty of 1530

Mila Gojsalić is the Heroic Beauty presumed to give the Milaphon its name. She may be Alisa’s spiritual sister. Said Mila Gojsalić is often referred to in Croatian stories as the Jeanne d’Arc of Croatia. The Dalmatian folk hero was born near Omiš in the village of Kostanje. Her heroic legend took place in 1530 Read more about Mila Gojsalić, Heroic Beauty of 1530[…]

Politicians drawn by lot?

What if politicians were not elected but drawn by lottery? Western democracies are under pressure: riots, low voter turnout, corruption, polarisation, political disinformation campaigns are some of the often cited symptoms. But what if elections were part of the problem? How do we ensure the legitimacy needed in order for citizens to feel represented? If Read more about Politicians drawn by lot?[…]

Building the KaraSpace Reality

The process of entrepreneurial management and enterprise creation for KaraSpace is based on powerful Buddhist Mystics on the manipulation of matter through the mind. Modern quantum science now validates this ancient knowledge.   View the presentation of Gregg Branden to understand this complex matter:   This mystical knowledge is coded inside the Gospel of Thomas, Read more about Building the KaraSpace Reality[…]

The Integral-Fiber optical AR-Glass Design

The integral fiber optic AR design for minimalist AR-spectacles is the foundation of the AR blockchain revolution and is described in detail in the explanatory videos. As long as no detailed video documentation on the proof of concept is available, this compilation builds up the understanding of this proof with external YouTube videos. However, the physical principles used in Read more about The Integral-Fiber optical AR-Glass Design[…]