Mila Gojsalić, Heroic Beauty of 1530

Mila Gojsalić is the Heroic Beauty presumed to give the Milaphon its name. She may be Alisa’s spiritual sister. Said Mila Gojsalić is often referred to in Croatian stories as the Jeanne d’Arc of Croatia. The Dalmatian folk hero was born near Omiš in the village of Kostanje. Her heroic legend took place in 1530 Read more about Mila Gojsalić, Heroic Beauty of 1530[…]

Building the KaraSpace Reality

The process of entrepreneurial management and enterprise creation for KaraSpace is based on powerful Buddhist Mystics on the manipulation of matter through the mind. Modern quantum science now validates this ancient knowledge.   View the presentation of Gregg Branden to understand this complex matter:   This mystical knowledge is coded inside the Gospel of Thomas, Read more about Building the KaraSpace Reality[…]