Unocculted Knowledge

The complexity of publicly hidden (occult) knowledge is very wide. To get an overview of the different areas, there is a new Channel on that gives a very compressed introduction of manny areas. This Cannel is named “Unocculted Knowledge“. All though the subjects can only approximate the mystical matter, and all though we sometimes can not fully agree with the interpretation, the total work is very well done and recommendable.

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A selection of this short articles is presented below, as they relate to Alisas Story.





The Wetiko Virus:

This is about the Virus that Alisa is talking about.


Christic Love:

Key Christion understanding.


The Great Work of Alchemy:

For centuries, there is the search for the philosopher’s stone also called the Great Work in Alchemy to change metal to gold. Is Alisas Crystal exactly this stone, but on the highest level.


Indigo Children:

How the knowledge comes to our most isolated grassroots society.


Lucid Dreaming:

How Alisa obtains here knowledge.


Fear is the Mind Killer:

Why is artificial fear mongering constant agenda from our government.


Channelling Spirits:

Inviting multiple enteritis in your body.


The Apostolate Card in Tarot:

This touches the very essence of Alisas magic Crystal and the magic of her self Sacrifice. Let Alisa explain you this deepest of all mysteries.


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