Politicians drawn by lot?

What if politicians were not elected but drawn by lottery?

Western democracies are under pressure: riots, low voter turnout, corruption, polarisation, political disinformation campaigns are some of the often cited symptoms. But what if elections were part of the problem? How do we ensure the legitimacy needed in order for citizens to feel represented? If the real world democracies have probably no chance to try out, can the KaraSpace virtual country governance become an experimental ground and raw model for a more direct and incorruptible democracy in the form of a Blockchain based organization with citizen participation. And can sortition help? In the linked blog post, Konstantinos Tsakiliotis from the 2018 winning initiative DECIDe gives some insights about the political concept of sortition and discusses possible public online consultations using random sample voting.


Dr. Valentin Weber is explaining here the Democracy by draw.

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