Building the KaraSpace Reality

The process of entrepreneurial management and enterprise creation for KaraSpace is based on powerful Buddhist Mystics on the manipulation of matter through the mind. Modern quantum science now validates this ancient knowledge.


View the presentation of Gregg Branden to understand this complex matter:


This mystical knowledge is coded inside the Gospel of Thomas, which was suppressed and forbidden under death penalty by the Roman Christian Church for good reason; precisely to keep humanity suppressed.

The introduction already focusses on the fact, that the encoding of its mystics brings power over all things.

In the Gospel, one wording is repeated three times in paragraphs 22, 48 and 106, which is particular difficult to interpret, but which openly claims to move mountains at will, which is obviously the power over all things. It is the act of making the two into one, or make the two peace with each other in your body (the house).

Only by understanding, that Jesus has spend his early life in India, and that Thomas him self whet to India to evangelize, it becomes obvious, that the two in the body that they are talking about are the two groups of chacras in the old Indian teachings.

Any further understanding must be searched there, and it is no surprise that the roman church is denying any relation of Jesus with India.

Gregg Branden

The beautiful work of Gregg Branden uncovers this powerful teaching of Jesus, where he actually says how to perform his miracle healing and miracle of mind over matter. He shows how this knowledge is actually still used today in other cultures.







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