Top virtual layer, Central Train Station Hamburg

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It sells the primary usage rights of the topmost virtual level for the entire area of the Hamburg Central Train Station, which is visible by everybody using the KaraSpecs glasses.

The use of the service is subordinated to the valid conditions of the KaraSpace virtual space off the particular time. They are defined by the general conditions of KaraSpace, the standards of the local user groups and the local government.

The Central Station Land is defined by the following polygonal coordinates:
53.551914, 10.006285
53.552149, 10.008197
53.552452, 10.008637
53.554424, 10.008065
53.554328, 10.006968
53.554688, 10.006260
53.554010, 10.004071
53.552853, 10.005422
53.552464, 10.005797
53.551976, 10.006044

53.553161, 10.005355
53.553375, 10.006575

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