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OpenSpex Linux Distribution with complete office and creative software package. The basis for the KaraSpace AR development system.

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The OpenSpeX operating system is the KaraSpace Linux distribution on the basis of the latest solid Debian system.

The management and the financing of the system development is performed by the KaraSpace AR-Thrive-Torrent-Consortium. Community developments will be financially supported by granting KaraSpace Tokens or by funds obtained by the sale of Land-Tokens.

Personal Server
The concept of the OpenSpeX operating system is, to be shipped together with powerful fan-less 7/24 operating desktop hardware and a wealth of free productive Software, to provide the user with a classical creative workstation as well as a powerful server for personal data and the KaraSpace blockchain network.

The personal server functions will be:
– To provide a security transparent private cloud space for the own data
– To provide a security transparent AI neuronal network deep learning execution and development environment to perform the  private voice assistance system and later the most private AR-Glasses systems.
– To provide security transparent private database storage for personal data and the mapping of the private house.

The public server functions will be:
– To provide distributed public blockchain data storage and processing
– To provide distributed public world mapping virtual reality date
– To provide  pre-processing of the locally present voice assistance or AR-Glass systems
– To connect to local expanded hardware infrastructure for positioning and connection to mobile devices.

Since the server functions must execute in a secure environment, only the preinstalled Application can run directly, or must run in a Sandbox. System hashing values on the bochchain will prevent any violation. But the workstation area is already packed with advanced and updated applications for office use, graphics, music, video, basic gaming etc. so that the majority of all use cases are all possible right out of the box.

KaraSpace business model
The financing of OpenSpeX is linked to the KaraSpace business model, which is not based on Advertisements and big data analysis like Google or Facebook. KaraSpace is like a virtual country that provides land use and services to its citizens. So KaraSpace can afford to avoid the present of excessive advertisements in the future AR system and is not competing with big data enterprises.

KaraSpace contribution
Any contribution to the KaraSpace project qualifies for a crypto account (KaraSpace citizenship) and an extra option for KaraSpace tokens. This applies for donations, capital contributions, work contributions, salary or merchandize bought from the KaraSpace shop
When buying server-workstation hardware from KaraSpace and it provides OpenSpeX services to the blockchain network, then the Purchasing price and the running electricity is remunerated in token options or tokens.

Application development
The focus for the open source development community on this system is, to develop the new kind of applications, that run as functional virtual objects in a virtual reality mixed into the real world.



Different desktop environments






AR 3D desktop environments

Sun Looking Glass Project







VR virtual workspaces







Front end trusted system development environment (TruST)









Personal trusted AR GUI and Personal data environment (OwnMind)





Second layer high speed blockchain for the application system

second level blockchain

Second level blockchain as smart contract










Community guarded system layers

Developer community on the Blockchain

Developer community on the blockchain











Operating System Stack certified with their hash on the blockchain







Interface to the AR trusted environment








Example of future AR-Glass programs.


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