Success Swiss – Web Marketing & Linux Systems

— Name: Success Swiss — Type: Wordpress Marketing & Linux Servers — Location: Gersau, Switzerland — Website: — Cooperation:  Partner — Company activity: Web Marketing, IT Infrastructure etc.. –— Link to Persons: HansJoerg Niederegger – IT Systems & Marketing   Success Swiss is the computer marketing and Linux server expert in Gersau, the home of the KaraSpace Read more about Success Swiss – Web Marketing & Linux Systems[…]

LiftCore – China Micro-Controller Development

— Name: LiftCore GmbH — Type: Industrial Production of Elevators — Location: China & Germany — Cooperation:  Consortium Member — Company activity: developing micro controller systems — Link to Persons: Alexander Klein – China/German Microcontroller Development     The LiftCore Industrial company in china develops micro systems and sensors for the KaraSpace motion controller watch.  

EMAX Technology – Shenzhen AR/VR Developer

— Name: EMAX Technology Co., Ltd. — Type: technology development and manufacturing industry — Location: Shenzhen, China — Cooperation:  Consortium Member — Company activity: Joint Venture with KaraSpace for research & development     EMAX Technology develops VR/AR Headsets for the Chinese market as well as digital content and Experience centers for VR. The EMAX Company forms the Read more about EMAX Technology – Shenzhen AR/VR Developer[…]

Sionlens Optic Limited – China Optical Developments

— Name: Sinolens Optics Limited — Type: Manufacturer and of Optics and optical Layers — Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China — Website: http;// — Cooperation:  Consortium Member — Company activity: Production for Prototype Developments   Sinolens is a long time partner of the KaraSpace development lab, to produce optical prototype components.

KaraSpace MEMS Optics – R&D with Fraunhofer

— Name: KaraSpace GmbH — Type: Research & Development in micro optics and MEMS DMD Technology — Location: Itzehoe, Germany — Cooperation:  Consortium Member — Company activity: developing micro optics an MEMS concepts     The KaraSpace MEMS Optics devision in the Itzehoe technology Center is developing the MEMS components and concepts for the KaraSpcs.