Alisa and the Space Dragon

– Name: Alice and the Space Dragon
– Type: PC Game
– Location:
– Website: Download Torrent
– Cooperation:
– Genre: Educational and developmental for kids




Space adventures, time travel, unforgettable meetings and acquaintances, many clever puzzles and puzzles await children in the educational game “Alice and the Space Dragon”.

End of the XXI century. Having gone into space to perform control work, Alisa Selezneva receives a message from the Intergalactic Center that a unique exhibit has been stolen from the vault of the Cairo Bank – a diamond called “Dragon’s Eye”.

According to scientists’ calculations, this happened 175 years ago, that is, in 2005.

Having great magical power, the diamond poses a threat to all mankind, because with its help you can change the course of history.

Closest to the time hole leading into 2005, Alice rushes to the rescue without hesitation to stop the villains and return the priceless exhibit.

Wach the Russian demo video for an impression:

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