Pharo-Smalltalk, Object Oriented & Image Based Development Environment


The base development environment for the AR BlockChain and AI software framework

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The Pharo Smalltalk system is the successor of the legendary Smalltalk-80 system, which enabled the prototyping of todays common graphical user interface paradigm of windows, mice, menues, networking and desktop printing. This proven prototyping capability is more essential today than ever, as we are facing the system development for augmented reality glasses. This stresses developers to think completely new systems, far away from windows and mice concepts. Only fools would continue with failed concepts like todays web application programming.

The paradigm shift from closed proprietary systems towards open source blockchain trusted and democratically governed community owned systems for AR glasses, force system designers to deal with the internet of value, social fabric concerns and ethics. They must integrate all this into systems that follows a principle concept which is trust, in order to be fit for the next 100 years.

Smalltalk provides a mature object and image-oriented programming system, most suitable for the future AR blockchain and AI requirements.


The motivation to use Smalltalk as the basis for the next generation trusted computer frontend development are as follows:

  • Smalltalk is not only open source, but focusses on understandable open source for normal people
  • Smalltalk code is readable by common people and not only software engineers
  • Smalltalk is introspective, so not only the program code but also the life objects and the data structure can be inspected at run time. This is essential to understand programs.
  • Smalltalk is based on persistent images that eliminates the need to use and understand different databases
  • Smalltalk is reflective and self contained, which enables the modification or locking of its own system with its own means. So by implementing blockchain locking on the objects, it will reflect on the system itself.
  • Smalltalk is a prototyping environment having brought out our modern Windows GUI itself.
  • Smalltalk means live programming in running programs, eliminating time wasting compiling cycles. This enormously facilitates the programming by the end user.
  • Smalltalk is changeable. The language as well as the development environment can be developed.
  • Smalltalk has automatic garbage collection
  • Smalltalk is not proprietary to some big corporation and can be used by millions of network services
  • Smalltalk has good capabilities to interface into any system, providing an object oriented API to these systems
  • Smalltalk is a mature system with over 40 years experience
  • The programmer community is specially experienced over the years and much bigger than for any new designed special purpose language
  • Smalltalk prevents any low level programming, as it is common with c++ developments. This low level programming disqualifies languages like C to be used for the front end trusted computing layer.

For these reasons a new enhanced Smalltalk system will be the frontend operation environment for AR glasses, enabling total transparency about the processes running.

The Smalltalk purely object oriented paradigm gives further structure to the future development of extremely complex distributed systems.


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