Virtual Country Games Company wanted

– Type: Virtual Country Game company
– Experience: +5 years
– Starting:  Q3 2020
– Organizer: KaraSpace Association, Switzerland
– Possible candidates: Linden Labs with Sansar
– Company activity: Development virtual world experiences
– Allowed company locations:  Worldwide


Official tender for technology company to join the KaraSpace AR-Consortium and qualifying for STO/ICO funding through the KaraSpace Association.

Join the KaraSpace AR Thrive Torrent Consortium for enormous business gain and a fixed place in the future AR-Industry.

design study of KaraSpecs

KaraSpace is the monetized virtual 3D-World mixed into reality. Mainstream is enabled by the KaraSpace integral fiber optical design for the frameless KaraSpecs AR-glasses with full resolution and field of view. The value is enabled through a reflective open source system, providing absolute trust and value to the virtual world objects on top of reality.



The KaraSpace Association as a non profit organization is publishing this official public tender for any company in the following area to apply:

Virtual country game or experience platform for the integration into the KaraSpace OpenSpeX operating system.
Prepared features of the platform:

  • Decentralized approach
  • Own currency and market place
  • Supporting Linux platform
  • etc..



If you have any questions please contact our sales team by e-mail:

or contact Mr. Konstantin Roggatz at +49 4892 8904640 directly.


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